COVID-19 Response

The Windsor Montessori School & Discovery Center wants you to know how we have responded to the ongoing pandemic to keep your children safe and engaged and excited about learning.  We are doing our part to mitigate the spread of the virus in a number of ways including the following.  

  • We have maintained close contact with our Local DPH, the State OEC and the State of CT Governor’s offices and websites to ensure we are staying current regarding all safety measures and travel quarantine advisory locations.
  • We have upgraded our sanitizing and disinfecting materials, and use them on all spaces where children and teachers have been before another group enters the area, including our outside playgrounds. We have staff dedicated for this purpose only
  • We have created and implemented a number of new policies including:
    • Distance Learning (in case of closure)
    • Use of Personal Protective Equipment
    • Health Screening Assessment (practiced daily)
    • Travel Quarantine Policy (updated weekly)
  • We have had to decrease our program hours as well as our staffing due to the requirement that we maintain each group/class as a “cohort” using the same entrance, same classroom, the same bathroom and being supervised by the same teachers throughout the day.
  • Our teachers have been working tirelessly and creatively to implement the Social Distance requirements while not compromising the essence and mission of Maria Montessori. The smaller group size requirement is still in effect and we will be providing enough for each child to have their own set of frequently used materials.

With the school year beginning we are continually reviewing options for the Discovery Center component of our school. In previous years we have been able to accommodate children before and after school, this year that is still a work in progress, and will depend on need and staff availability.  We understand that some of these changes may be challenging, however we are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for your children while continuing to do our very best to mitigate the spread of the virus.    

Thank you for your support, compliance and understanding!